We are looking for a dental nurse apprentice to join our team!

This is the perfect opportunity to gain yourself a career in an exciting industry. For more details please call 07454112226 🙂

No previous experience required as you will train while working. We would prefer someone who lives locally.

Oral hygiene top tips!

  1. Always use a soft tooth brush – imagine the draining board in your kitchen. if you were to use a hard bristled cleaning tool on this it would not clean the grooves in the draining board. However, if you used a soft sponge it will mould with the grooves and clean the whole surface. This is why we recommend a soft toothbrush as it covers most of the tooth surfaces.
  2. Always use a toothpaste you like the taste of– The majority of toothpastes provide the same function so concentrate on finding one you enjoy the taste of as the duration of your cleaning is more important. If you enjoy the taste you are more likely to spend longer cleaning your teeth.
  3. AVOID whitening toothpaste- whitening toothpaste can cause sensitivity so if you suffer with sensitive teeth it is best to avoid it.
  4. Floss AND interdental brushes – the toothbrush does not clean in between the teeth so you must use something to clean these areas. Floss is the best as it can go in-between every tooth. If you struggle with the long lengths of floss, opt for floss which is mounted on a small ‘harp’ shape piece of plastic. Interdental brushes are also very easy to use and you can use them anywhere. Always go for a long tapered interdental brush and bend it around the tooth. We recommend Tandex Flexi in ‘Lime’:  .
  5. Mouthwash? – we will never say no to extra cleaning but it is important to get the brushing and flossing right before worrying about mouthwash.