White ‘cosmetic’ fillings can be used to discreetly treat cavities, breakages and even replace old grey fillings

Cosmetic filling

Traditionally, fillings are made from amalgam, which is a mixture of mercury and different metals. While this provides a hard-wearing solution to cavities caused by decay, they are a grey-silver colour which some patients find off-putting.

Thanks to dramatic advances in the dental industry, fillings can now be made from various other materials so that they are the same colour as your teeth – these are called composite fillings. These fillings are extremely popular as they can be used to discreetly treat holes, breaks and cracks. They can also be used to replace old amalgam fillings.

The benefits of fillings include:

Prevention of tooth decay (cavities) spreading and rotting the rest of the tooth

Filling cracked or broken teeth

Re-building teeth that have been worn down by grinding

Prevention of pain caused by tooth rot
Saving patients the cost of root canal treatment if decay spreads to the nerve (the root) of the tooth

Fillings are essentially used to ‘fill’ gaps in the teeth. If you ever have to have a section of your tooth removed due to decay, it needs to be filled in order to maintain its full function. Additionally, fillings are often used for cosmetic procedures, such as re-building the front of the teeth for patients who suffer with receding gum lines.

At Queen Street Dental Surgery we offer both amalgam and composite fillings and in the majority of cases, patients are able to choose the type of filling they would prefer.