Say goodbye to your gummy smile and hello to a newfound confidence

Queen_Street_Dental_GumAre you conscious about smiling because of your gums? Do you suffer from a re-occurring gum problem? Perhaps you’ve sought treatment for them in the past and it was unsuccessful? No matter what it is you don’t like about your smile, Dr Edres can help.

Reconstructive gum surgery is not only a cosmetic procedure, but also used to treat certain problems associated with them. By removing some of the gum using specialist equipment, Dr Edres is able to completely change a smile and also stop harmful conditions in their tracks.

In the majority of cases gum surgery takes approximately 45 minutes under local anaesthetic. Patients are able to go home the same day as their procedure and 90% of our patients who have received reconstructive gum surgery in the past have said that they experienced no pain afterwards.

If you suffer from a gummy smile, have a re-occurring condition or have received unsuccessful treatment in the past, why not book a consultation with Dr Edres today? He will happily discuss your options with you, as well as your suitability for surgery, and you can leave us looking forward to the confidence a beautiful smile can induce.