Implants provide permanent alternatives to missing teeth and dentures.

The-history-of-dental-implantsDental implants are fast becoming a very popular way to replace missing teeth and the need for dentures. They offer a reliable and natural looking smile and once fitted can be treated in exactly the same way as the rest of your teeth.

A dental implant works by having an artificial root (typically made from titanium) fitted into your jawbone. The implant looks a little bit like a screw and once your gums have had time to heal around it, a tooth made from porcelain is simply screwed on top, providing you with a gap-less, natural looking smile.

At Queen Street Dental Surgery we appreciate that dental implants sound a little daunting. Rest assured it is a relatively straightforward procedure that the majority of our patients receive comfortably under local anaesthetic.

Both our dentists are particularly skilled when it comes to fitting dental implants. Our owner and head dentist Dr Edres says, “While I love all aspects of dentistry, cosmetic procedures such as dental implants bring me the most satisfaction. Improving someone’s smile, and subsequently their confidence, is something I find very rewarding.”